Saturday, January 3, 2009


Toward the end of November, we set out on a remarkable adventure to remember for a lifetime!! "Where did you go?", you might be asking. We went to Disneyland Park in California!! We stayed in a Marriott hotel right across the street from the place!! We went to Downtown Disney on our first night. There we visited what could easily be the largest Disney store in the world, a Lego Land store to see our Bionicle buddies, and we were introduced to my dad's favorite type of music. Not really, actually. Outside the Lego store, there was a really annoying band with like nose flute things and guitars and wacky stuff that played really annoying music. In all seriousness, we all hated it.
The next day, we awoke bright and early to set out to, first, a delicious breakfast buffet at the hotel. After we all ate our fill and Seth ate a huge plate of bacon, we went to find the bus station. After about 10 minutes, the bus arrived and we headed for Disneyland. We found a map and made plans for everything we were going to go on. We ended up going on like all the "Mountain" rides, and pretty much everything else. Chloe went on her first "big" rollercoaster! She went on the Matterhorn Mountain with all of us! It was a lot of fun, and we are all very proud of her. When we had just started having a ton of fun, the parade came through!! There were princesses and all the other characters you can imagine!! After that, it snowed on Main Street. It wasn't actual snow, because that isn't possible. The "flakes" that covered the ground were made of soap bubbles!! They did not taste like snow. Just ask Seth. We were all beat by the time that was over, so we headed to the hotel to get some sleep before our next day of fun.
The next day, we went to California Adventures! We went on a lot of rides, almost all, but the Sun Wheel was being fixed. Our favorite was California Screamin'. The picture at the top is the picture that was taken while we were on the ride. It was really fun, but it made us feel sick afterward. We also liked Mulhollow Madness and a 3D Toy Story ride that took like an hour to get on. The lines were crazy, but we luckily had fastpasses.
The next day, we went down to Hollywood to "walk around." Mom and Dad had a suprise planned for us. We had no clue what it was. We knew that we had to be dressed nice, and it was in Hollywood. We went to WICKED!!!! It was an amazing show. The actress for Glinda was hillarious! Elphaba had an amazing voice!! They were all so wonderful! It was great, and we had a really aweome time!
We already miss Disneyland, and hope to go back soon again!!